No Nepalese were affected by Corona Virus- Hu Yanchhi

Chinese Ambassador to China, Hu Yanchi, said Nepalese living in China are safe. According to information provided by the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu to the media on Tuesday, Ambassador Hu has made it clear that China has protected the health of Nepali people and that no Nepalese were affected by the corona virus.

She said a division of the Chinese Foreign Ministry was in contact with the Nepalese Embassy in Beijing and helped solve the difficult situation of Nepalese students in Wuhan.

The Corona virus spreads from Wuhan city in Hubei province, China. And, about 500 Nepalese students there have applied to return to Nepal at the Nepalese Embassy in Beijing. Ambassador Hou also said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the respective provinces and cities had made arrangements for proper accommodation for the students by the authorities and concerned universities.

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